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Full-Plant Fusion System

A Revolutionary Extraction Technology

A New Way Forward For Extraction

LipidBond™ unleashes the maximum potential of plants and botanicals by extracting their naturally-occurring compounds into a single formula, free from any harmful additives.


Full-Plant Fusion Technology

Extraction is the commonly used term for isolating a plant’s natural compounds from the plant itself. However, LipidBond surpasses traditional extraction methods. We have coined the term “full-plant fusion” to describe our groundbreaking approach. Unlike conventional practices that involve extracting or isolating individual plant compounds, our LipidBond technology transforms all of a plant’s compounds into a medium that is more suitable for product development. It naturally binds valuable elements with various carrier oils or water, ensuring optimal compatibility

LipidBond Processing Equipment

Scalable, Efficient, Clean

LipidBond processing results in better efficacy, is less wasteful of biomass and beneficial compounds, less toxic to the environment, and less expensive. LipidBond technology has the potential to revolutionize the health industries not only from a product standpoint, but for the people working in the industry, and the larger consumer market. Current extraction methods cannot be scaled without great expense, but LipidBond is easily scalable while maintaining USDA Organic certification, low energy usage and carbon footprint.

Small Footprint

Equipment fully contained in a 40×60 foot room

High Throughput

Able to process 3,320lbs of raw plant material in an 8 hour shift


Completely solvent-free, chemical-free, and CO2-free

Becoming the New Standard

The innovative LipidBond technology, backed by its patented process, has emerged as the leading scalable and all-natural fusion method for botanicals in the industry today. Traditional approaches to plant compound extraction, such as solvent-based and CO2 methods, come with significant challenges in terms of cost, safety, scalability, product quality, and purity.

Solvent extraction relies on the use of harsh chemicals like butane or ethanol, which then need to be meticulously removed from the extracted compounds. This laborious and inefficient step only captures a few select plant compounds while destroying other beneficial components found in herbs. Furthermore, traces of these solvents can persist in the final product, compromising its purity and potentially raising health concerns for consumers. Ethanol or butane extraction necessitates extensive SOPs, certifications, and facility requirements such as fire suppression systems, blast-proof walls, and ventilation hoods, resulting in substantially higher operation costs.

CO2 extraction, although considered a step above solvent extraction, requires expensive equipment, occupies significant space, and demands substantial time and personnel commitments. While the CO2 process can generate a broad-spectrum or full-spectrum product, the supercritical temperatures required for extraction often result in the degradation of some of the beneficial compounds naturally found in plants. Additionally, CO2 extraction produces a concentrated substance that needs to be heated and blended with a carrier oil, such as MCT Fractionated Coconut oil, adding extra labor and processing steps.

In stark contrast, the LipidBond process offers a faster, more environmentally friendly alternative, requiring fewer personnel with minimal learning curve to operate the system. It achieves higher output and can produce large volumes as needed. LipidBond’s lower energy consumption, reduced carbon footprint, and minimal waste output contribute to lower upfront and operating costs, making it a superior choice for plant fusion processes with botanicals, herbs, and other plant-based compounds.

Multi-Industry applications 

The LipidBond™ technology can bond any botanical with any lipid, presenting vast opportunities countless industries. LipidBond has successfully produced bonded culinary oils, nutriceuticals (plant-based medicine), cosmetics, and even pharmaceuticals including psilocybin research. Halcyon continues to perform research at their in-house laboratory and have yet to find a limit to the capabilities of LipidBond.

Benchmark® is a consumer products brand developed by Halcyon Technology Holdings that utilizes LipidBond™ CBD in all of their products.