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Making waves with our Technology

About Us

Halcyon Technology Holdings was founded with the aim of revolutionizing plant-based ingredients and plant compound extractions.

By introducing LipidBond technology, Halcyon offers a pathway for companies of all sizes to produce plant-based products with enhanced safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, resulting in higher-quality offerings. Halcyon has developed cutting-edge, patented technology that enables the most efficient method of plant compound processing available today.

In 2021, Halcyon completed the construction of its processing facility in the vicinity of Charlotte, North Carolina, and obtained certification as a USDA Organic operation. Halcyon remains at the forefront of pushing boundaries through their dedicated research and development conducted in their state-of-the-art laboratory. Their groundbreaking discoveries have had a profound impact on numerous industries, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and culinary ingredients, to name just a few.

The LipidBond™ difference.

This patented technology is making waves in the cosmetic, culinary, pharmaceutical, and food industries!